Le Laboratoire NUTRICIA Nutrition Clinique division du groupe Danone (France) est représenté en Tunisie pour les activités pharmaceutiques par la Société PROMOPHARMA.



NUTRICIA Nutrition Clinique laboratory is part of Danone Group (France) which is represented in Tunisia by PROMOPHARMA Company for its pharmaceutical activities.

NUTRICIA Nutrition Clinique provides nutritional support in many clinical situations such as :

  • ICU Patients
  • Patients with Cancer
  • Neurological Diseases
  • Bed sores
  • Elderly at risk of malnutrition 


The following products are available in Tunisia :

  • Oral Clinical Nutrition
    • Adult
      Fortimel Extra
      Fortimel Diacare
    • Pediatrics
      Nutrini Drink
  • Clinical Nutrition  through entreal feeds
    • Sterile entreal nutrition bags
      • Adult
        Nutrison Standard 1.0
        Nutrison Multifibre MF6
        Nutrison Protein Plus Energy
        Nutrison Advanced Diason
      • Pediatrics
        Nutrini Standard
    • Entreal nutrition consumables
      • Nasogastric tubes
      • Nasojejunal tubes
      • GPE Kit
      • Nutripump set tubing

Website : www.nutricia.fr